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17 jan 2009

don't block your light.


[chilling on his bed, futzing around on his laptop. do you approach: y/n?]

17 aoû 2007

fill up your soul.

This post brought to you by the letter "G".


03 fév 2007

the ghost of corporate future.

E-emo fic? :Db

Ha ha ha this is totally not my fault -- and if it is, then it's only a LITTLE bit my fault. I blame big_bang_theory. Also, if this doesn't make sense it is, again, Trowa's fault. ♥♥ Love you, baby. Basically, this came about because we were talking shop, and neither of us think Quatre and Trowa are exactly... compatible. That's oversimplifying it, but I'm good at that. ANYWAY, fic.

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12 jan 2007

fill up your soul.

o rly.

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17 déc 2006

your inner mind so inexpressable.

((IC Post!))

[a Gundam pilot sits bathed in the light from several computer screens -- he's stolidly ignoring his lunch next to him, and is typing away madly at the keyboard before him. ... he may or may not be swearing in some dialect of Arabic]

10 déc 2006

hey look! a challenge!

sekrit santa orz

This is what I filled out for the thiny:
Fandoms you'd like written: Kyou Kara Maou, due South, Gundam Wing (most especially good Quatre/Trowa, wtf fandom why do you suck)... eh, I'm easy. I just like shiny things.
Medium(s) you would like to receive: paid accounts, writing, music, art, writing, whatever :D

Copy and pasted wishlist from last year!Réduire )
fill up your soul.

(pas de sujets)

Blueberry muffins!Réduire )

09 déc 2006

fill up your soul.

The "What's Your Sexual Style?" Test!

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06 déc 2006

fill up your soul.

(pas de sujets)

[Jenn|essay] Quatre, you're like a coffee pot of GAY.
mama said knock you out.

Permission/Stats Meme!

Name: Quatre Raberba Winner
Age: 15
Height: 156 cm (about 5'1")
Hair: Platinum Gold, so says the character book thing (wtf)

Medical Info: Space heart! No, I have no idea what it is/does either! I think it may just be a term for his being empathic/nearly telepathic, but I won't put it past GW making it actually something physical. Aside from that, he's your average boy.

Physical Traits: Quatre's the smallest of the Gundam pilots; not height-wise, but weight-wise and such. The guy's teeny. Granted, most of the characters in GW weigh less than someone their height should, but he weighs ninety pounds. I'm serious. I think I was in fifth grade when I weighed ninety pounds. So, yeah, Quatre's kind of small. (He needs to eat a burger.) Aside from that, he's just gosh darn adorable. Or pretty. Or whatever, because he's a main character in a shounen/shoujo anime.

The goggles are important to note because they were given to him by Rashid, the leader of the Maguanacs, and they represent Rashid and the Maguanacs' acknowledgement of Quatre as their "master". Do not hurt the goggles.

What's Okay to Mention: Anything and everything if your character would know it ICly. If you want to press emo buttons, go for it. Quatre is an emo case waiting to explode, honestly. Just note that he's extremely emotional and will emote. Most likely in tears form. Go go, Quatre.

Notes For the Psychics: There's a line Duo says in Endless Waltz that I think sums up a lot of Quatre's personality: "Oh, man, Quatre loves to blame himself for everything if you let him. Sooner or later, he'll start saying that there's no air in space because he didn't work on it hard enough." Quatre has some sort of bizarre conglomeration of a messiah complex, a martyr complex, and an inferiority complex. It's pretty much awesome.

...now I'm going to ramble. :Db

He has daddy issues. Up the wazoo. Quatre believes that he was born from a test tube: this is a problem because he is his father's thirtieth child. All of his sisters were test tube babies (due to the Winner family's weak genes and inability to conceive naturally without dire consequences), and from a young age Quatre feels his father engineered his sisters and finally himself as a sort of easy way to get employees. Quatre devalues himself because he thinks his father eventually decided he needed a son to inherit Winner Enterprises, and thus Quatre was "constructed". (This is untrue. Quatre was born to a woman named Quaterine/Katherine/various spellings who died in childbirth because, again, the Winner family fails at having children. Quatre does not know this. It would obviously be too easy for his dad to have told him and thus validated his existence.)

On top of this birth thing, Quatre and his father fell out because Quatre didn't believe in his family's stance of total pacifism. Quatre believed in order to enact change, they had to do something about it -- thus he joined up with Instructor H and helped with Sandrock/chose to be Sandrock's pilot. His father essentially disowned him for this. (I can't remember if he actually did, but I doubt it very much as Quatre is the sole heir to Winner Enterprises.) Quatre eventually meets back up with his father and they continue to disagree; the L4 colonies proceed to screw WE over and Quatre's father refuses to evacuate a resource satellite that the colonies' forces then blow up. W-way to go, Mr Winner.

To sum up, Quatre's father and he never resolve their differences and Quatre watches the colonies he's trying to protect kill his father, and possibly his sister, Iria (who protects Quatre; it's never stated whether or not she survives, but I tend to think she dies). Quatre goes off the deep end and constructs Wing Zero from plans left behind. He proceeds to blow up a colony (which was, most likely, not evacuated), and in attempting to destroy another colony he shoots Trowa out of the sky and "kills" him, as far as he's aware. Trowa's "death" brings him back to his senses, and he begs Heero to do anything he needs to to go and save him... but of course Heero doesn't.

What makes all of this worse is Quatre's "space heart", which allows him to feel the emotions of those he's close to. It also doesn't help that he's extremely emotional in the first place. ... Yeah. So to sum up, Quatre's screwed up. He will always present a happy face, but it's very, very easy to press his trauma buttons. And sometimes the results will not be pleasant. The ZERO system may be what "makes" him blow up the colony, but he put it together in the first place. I can't help but think he had revenge in mind from the beginning.

Abilities: Quatre's brilliant, and pretty decent with guns, swords, etc. I have no idea how he became competent with these things. lulz plotholes. He eventually masters the ZERO system and uses it to kick butt. This is one boy you don't want to mess with in a mecha battle. Physically, he'd be fairly easy to otherthrow. ... And I think I've previously mentioned his space heart. Yeah. You know as much as I do. Moving on.

Shapeshift/bodyswap/etc.: Am kind of finicky about them? But don't let that dissuade you! Ask away. :)

Hugging/Kissing: Go for it. Quatre's a physical, emotional guy. Casual touching is totally A-OK, and while he may be initially weirded out by anything past that, depending on who you are he'd probably be fine.

Fighting: I can't think of anything someone could do in order to make Quatre fight. Sparring is totally a go. As far as actually rough-and-tumble fighting, I. Yeah. I'm trying to imagine Quatre throwing a punch at someone. So unless you hurt one of his friends and that friend can't take care of it him/herself... yeah, you're really going to have to try hard. So just contact me on IRC or AIM or the like. :D

Killing: Ahahahahahhahahahaha do you really want to do this to yourself? I'm fine with it -- just give me a heads-up. If it's what's natural in the situation, seriously, I love it. I. I am an emo whore. But I really don't know if you want the crazy mercenary clown the god of death Heero frickin' Yuy his friends to take you out. :Db

Cooking: AHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA oh tell me another one you're hilarious. Quatre is pampered. He was raised pampered. I don't think he could boil water to save his life. Wait, no. He can probably make tea. And maybe toast. But. Yeah. He's used to being waited on. He'd never admit to failing in the kitchen, but you do not want him in there.

10 entrées précédentes